Our Caterpillar School day

We have 2 start times in the morning 8.30 and 9.00.The afternoon session begins at 12.30.

At the beginning of the session Parents bring children to the caterpillar garden . As they arrive children are free to play in the indoor classroom and staff are at hand to support them to settle in each day.

Once all the children have arrived and had time to settle the children are able to play inside or outside. The children have a collective snack time with the adults sharing a fruit based snack and drink of milk or water. These times support children’s social skills, promote healthy eating and are an opportunity for learning about many things including colour shape, number and extending vocabulary.

After their snack the Caterpillar class have their group time focusing on turn taking, cooperation and communication through songs and rhymes. The duration of this time varies in response to the children.

The children can then again play inside or outside until story-time before home-time.

Key times in Caterpillar Room

8.30 –  Start

9.00 –  Start

9.15  – Children access indoor and outdoor provision

10.00 – Snack time and group circle time

10.30 – Children access  indoor and outdoor provision

11.30 – end of session/lunchtime

12.30 – end of lunch/start of pm session

1.00 – Children access indoor and outdoor provision

2.00 – Snack time and group circle time

2.30 – Children access indoor and outdoor provision

3.00 – Session end (for some children)

3.30 – Session end


We use our kiddy bus to transport our youngest children out into the parkland to feed the ducks and explore seasonal changes.