What if I need to collect early due to another school pick up or doctors appointment?

We have 2 start times and 3 end times to help parents with other time commitments such as taking children to other schools or starting work. It is important to arrive promptly for your child’s start time as staff organise the day around these times. If you know you will need to collect early, please let staff know when dropping off your child. 

Why is important to arrive or collect on time?

Children that regularly arrive late/leave early means that staff have to be taken from the children they are playing/working with. It can be disruptive to the classroom and makes it harder for those newer children to settle in.

At the end of your child’s session please arrive promptly for collection. Parents arriving early will need to wait for the end of the session to allow staff to support all children.

If you have difficulties with the timings of the nursery due to exceptional circumstances an individual schedule of collection and drop off can be discussed with the Headteacher. The needs of some children with SEND can also be met with an individual schedule.

The beginning of term was last week, why is my child not starting straight away?

We stagger the new children start dates so they have more staff support to settle in. If any days work better for you, or you need an earlier start date due to work etc, please speak to the school office.

What should my child wear to Nursery?

At Nursery we learn inside and outside every day in every weather. Appropriate clothes for the weather are essential including wellie boots, sun hats and woolly hats. Please name every item of clothing. Spare clothes are essential for every child for the correct season and should be bought to nursery daily in a named bag. If your child is toilet training or prone to accidents then several changes of clothes may be required.

My child is staying for lunch, what should I pack in the lunch box?

Packed lunches should be healthy, balanced and not contain sweets, nuts or fizzy drinks. Grapes should be sliced lengthways. Leaflets with lunchbox suggestions are available at the nursery.

How am I updated about my child’s day and progress?

We use a communication software called Learning Journals.

Learning Journals  is an app on which observations including videos and photographs of children are recorded. Parents can both view these and add their own comments and entries. We love to see what the children enjoy at home and can use this to help us learn more and support your child’s learning. Any accidents requiring minor first aid are recorded on Learning Journals too. We invite parents into the nursery for meetings and updates with key workers to discuss progress and next steps.